Our patented CTI1500 Vibracore Sampling System with VCCT (Vibracore Compression Correction Technology) features the following technologies:

  • CTI’s VCCT provides sub-centimeter accuracy via live feedback electronic readouts for both depth of core penetration and core recovery simultaneously.
  • The VCCT data is deliverable with each core to the processing team in an Excel spreadsheet with user input for sample intervals. These data are used to ensure sediment processed within the sample intervals required by the specific project parameters are precise. This technology replaces the approximation inherent to compression formulas.
  • The VCCT raw data is also deliverable in two formats. First is in 10 cm intervals for quick reference and the second format is in sub centimeter intervals. These sub centimeter data are to 4 decimal points.
  • In addition, a deliverable of the video and stills taken with Lat/Long, time, water depth and user prescribed description as a screen overlay for each site.
  • In addition to the VCCT the operator can further enhance core penetration and core recovery in real time by adjusting frequency and amplitude with our proprietary vibrahead controller.
  • CTI’s patented vibracore system also boasts a hydraulically controlled dynamic weighting system which varies both penetration speed and downward force. This further optimizes penetration and core recovery when sediment consistency is variable.
  • Live video feeds of the seabed show the exact moment the tower sets on the bottom which ensures the site location accuracy and that the site is free of debris.
  • These live video feeds provide the operator visual confirmation the core maintains vertical orientation to the sea bed during advancement
  • The vibrahead guides on the 1500 lb. tower further ensure vertical core advancement into the sea bed.
  • The 1500 lb. tower weight maintains vessel position without affecting the sampling process


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