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Vibracore Sampling System

CTI has developed proprietary vibracore sampling systems that are deployed from dedicated trailered vessels.

Our systems are deployable in remote areas, where it may be difficult and/or expensive to deploy larger systems.


The CTI-1200 and CTI1500 Vibracore Sampling Systems are designed to acquire 10 cm diameter core samples from depths of up to 5 meters below the sediment/water interface to a maximum water depth of 3 to 90 feet as currently configured.

Our vibracore units provide the operator visual/audio and digital feedback as the unit takes each sample.

CTI’s vessels for vibracoring:


Miscou Banks:

  • 30’ (9’ beam) welded aluminum V-hulled with an 18’ draft
  • Powered by twin 300 HP outboard engines for more exposed coastal locations
  • Cruises at 25 knots
  • 3000 watt Honda Generator in combination with a 2000 watt sine wave inverter and battery bank for electronics power supply


  • 24’ (8’ beam) welded aluminum flat bottom with a 12’’ draft
  • Powered by a 150hp outboard for more protected or confined locations
  • Cruises at 23 knots
  • 3000 watt Honda Generator in combination with a 1000 watt sine wave inverter and battery bank for electronics power supply



  • Kingfisher 2525 Aluminum research vessel 31’ (9.5m) OAL with 8’6’’ (2.6m) beam
  • Powered by twin 115 HP Yamaha outboards
  • Amenities include furnace, hot and cold running water, head, 30 A shore power capacity (120 V)
  • Cruises at 27 knots
  • DGPS navigational system with radar
  • Forward and rear deck helms
  • Winch system for sediment grab sampler and water sampler deployment


  • 18’ (4’ beam) welded aluminum flat bottom with a 3’’ draft
  • Powered by 40hp outboard ideal for under wharf, close to shore and confined areas
  • cruises at 25 knots

Benthic and Sediment Sampling

CTI’s vessels are capable of deploying both vibracore samplers and benthic/ sediment samplers without re-rigging.  CTI’s winches allow for grab sampling to water depths of 300 meters.

Each vessel is equipped with processing tables and wash-down hoses for grab sample processing. 

Grab samplers are deployed from a side mounted davit capable of handling up to 500 pounds (225 kg) maximum weight.

Oceanographic Equipment Deployment

CTI vessels have been chartered for deployment of oceanographic equipment.  In this case, the quick connect vibracore sampler is stored allowing full operational deck space for deployment of equipment using the bow-mounted A frame.  Clearance to the deck of up to 12 feet (4 meters) is possible.  Lifting capacity varies from 1000 lbs. (450kg) to 1500 lbs. (675 kg) depending on the vessel. 

Both CTI vessels offer large uncluttered deck space with a stern mounted heated wheel houses. The 30’ vessel (Miscou Banks) offers a head, fresh water, microwave and fresh coffee!