Coastline Technologies Inc.
“Solutions for the marine environment”


“Coastline Technologies Inc. was established in 1987 and is a Vancouver Island based company providing marine technology services for environmental and engineering projects.”


CTI is a WorkSafe BC certified marine based company specializing in vibracore sampling, grab sampling, and deployment of oceanographic equipment with experience to date in coastal BC waters.

CTI has specialized work vessels to support geo-environmental, geophysical, and marine biological sampling.

CTI has developed industry leading vibracore sampling systems that are currently deployed from dedicated trailered vessels allowing for work in remote areas that are difficult to access with larger sampling systems.

Future plans include mobile units deployable from larger vessels of opportunity and transportable to national and international locations.

CTI Vessels for Vibracoring/Benthic Sampling

Miscou Banks

Miscou Banks:

  • 30’ (9’ beam) welded aluminum V-hulled with an 18’ draft
  • Powered by twin 300 HP outboard engines for more exposed coastal locations
  • Cruises at 25 knots
  • 3000 watt Honda Generator in combination with a 2000 watt sine wave inverter and battery bank for electronics power supply



  • 24’ (8’ beam) welded aluminum flat bottom with a 12’’ draft
  • Powered by a 150hp outboard for more protected or confined locations
  • Cruises at 23 knots
  • 3000 watt Honda Generator in combination with a 1000 watt sine wave inverter and battery bank for electronics power supply



  • Kingfisher 2525 Aluminum research vessel 31’ (9.5m) OAL with 8’6’’ (2.6m) beam
  • Powered by twin 115 HP Yamaha outboards
  • Amenities include furnace, hot and cold running water, head, 30 A shore power capacity (120 V)
  • Cruises at 27 knots
  • DGPS navigational system with radar
  • Forward and rear deck helms
  • Winch system for sediment grab sampler and water sampler deployment


  • 18’ (4’ beam) welded aluminum flat bottom with a 3’’ draft
  • Powered by 40hp outboard ideal for under wharf, close to shore and confined areas
  • cruises at 25 knots

Vibracore Systems

The CTI-1200 and CTI-1500 Vibracore Sampling Systems utilize cutting edge technologies providing distinct advantages. These include:

  • Vibracore system with an aluminum framework, which is deployed from an A frame and connected to the vessel with an umbilical;
  • Hydraulically controlled core tube penetration speed using a proprietary dynamic weighting system providing up to 1500 pounds (680 kg) of loading;
  • Adjustable vibration frequency using a proprietary variable speed vibrahead;
  • Live video monitoring system displays both a view of the sea bed prior to setting the vibracore in place and of the coring process. The ability to choose a site clear of debris or obstruction that would impede sampling increases production rates by reducing failed coring attempts;
  • Unique Patent pending in situ core measurement system allows for real time monitoring of core length versus depth of penetration. This system precludes the requirement for correction of core length for ‘compression’ during subsequent analysis;
  • Deliverables include tabulated penetration depth/ core length data each core in 1 cm increments. Digital recordings of video records of seabed and coring. Digital overlays on the video records include lat/long position, time, date, water temperature and other client specified data fields for accurate documentation of each sampling attempt; and
  • Wi-Fi broadcasting of video feeds allows clients to view the coring live from their smartphones on shore, if desired.

This combination of features allows the vibracore operator to gain insights into the substrate as the coring process proceeds. Adjustments can be made to optimize depth of penetration and core recovery.

CTI vibracore performance is unparalleled in the marine contracting industry.