OUR MISSION is to work with clients to provide innovative, high quality and efficient solutions for their marine programs. Our services will be provided with a focus on health, safety and the environment in which we work.”

About Us

Welcome to Coastline Technologies Inc.

Established in 1987, Coastline Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver Island based company providing marine technology services for environmental and engineering projects.

CTI is a WorkSafe BC-certified marine-based company specializing in vibracore sampling, grab sampling and deployment of oceanographic equipment with experience to date in coastal BC waters.

We use specialized work vessels to support geo-environmental, geophysical, and marine biological sampling.

We have developed a Patented Vibracore Sampling System delivering unparalleled accuracy. CTI’s real time VCCT data deliver sub centimetre accuracy on both depth of penetration and recovery. These data are recorded live during coring and provided to the client in excel files. Our Vibracore Sampling System is presently deployed from dedicated trailered vessels allowing for work in remote areas that are difficult to access with larger sampling systems.

Future plans include mobile units deployable from larger vessels of opportunity and transportable to national and international locations.

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Services & Equipment


Accurate data is paramount for environmental assessment and dredge planning. Our patented CTI1500 Vibracore Sampling System with VCCT (Vibracore Compression Correction Technology) provides the certainty of “PER CM” accuracy in depth of penetration and recovery.

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Grab Sampling

CTI offers a wide range of options including a hydraulically controlled power grab. Our Power Grab delivers unparalleled efficiency with underwater cameras ensuring the sample is obtained/contained prior to returning to the surface.

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Vessel Services

CTI provides specialized vessels for your marine project needs. These vessels provide platforms for biota sampling, water sampling, marine mammal surveys, oceanographic equipment deployment, etc. Our vessels provide a comfortable and safe work space when your staff needs to be on the water or delivered to shore from the water.


Miscou Banks

This 34’ vessel is equipped with hydraulics, underwater cameras and a comfortable wheelhouse with a head. Miscou is primarily set up for vibracoring, though the vibracore can be readily removed if the need arises.

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This 28’ flat-bottomed vessel offers the same amenities as Miscou Banks. Sadie is primarily set up for grab sampling with our hydraulically controlled Power Grab, though the Power Grab can be removed if the need arises.

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This 18’ flatbottomed vessel is ideal for tight quarters i.e. under wharfs or areas in which maneuverability is paramount.

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We provide innovative, high quality and efficient solutions for our clients' marine programs.